Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saying "No" . . . .

I never thought Stephen and I would say "No" to showing our profile for a potential adoption. We were faced with that this week and boy it was hard! We recieved a call on Thursday about a situation where a birthmom was due next Friday with a little boy. The initial exitement of adding another child into our home was short lived as we found out more information.

Unfortunately the situation was extremely complicated at best. Without going into too many private details we prayed and talked all night Thursday night (think I got 3 hours of sleep). With heavy hearts we came to the decision to withdraw our profile as we felt that the situation was one that could affect our families safety.

We feel like God was directing our paths even though our hearts were wanting to say "yes" our mind and soul's were saying "no". We prayed over the situation and came to a point of peace as more information came to light. We have no doubts that we made the right decision in this case but this birthmother, her family and future adoptive parents need a lot of prayers right now. So if you are reading this . . . prayers for them would be great as they desperately need a sense of direction and peace.

For us . . . we travel to Colorado on Tuesday for an incredible vacation! We were lucky enough to win tickets on the Durango/Silverton Narrow guage railroad so we are taking Jadon there for his 5th birthday. After that we will be camping in Ouray for a week to do some 4-wheeling and take in all of God's beauty. We are so fortunate to get to do this with Jadon and he is so looking forward to it.

We know God is protecting our future child and we pray every day for his/her safety and health. We are thankful that God is in control and has a plan and are so at peace with that. We also know that when God closes one door . . . he opens another . . . . and that has been shown in this situation and for that we are excited!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dolphins and Sand but not Sandy Dolphins . . .

Jadon was so excited to see Dolphins in Florida. He had the opportunity . . . or as Stephen would put it . . . the Dolphin had the ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to shake Jadon's hands. Of course he loved every minute of it! One of these days I will figure out how to post the great video I have of the Dolphins!

Those were the days! Missing Florida!

Jadon's "Uh Oh . . . . I am caught" look after throwing sand.

Jadon and Daddy chatting on the beach.

Looking at boats from our campsite.


Family pic.

Jadon and Daddy sunset walk.

My favorite . . . probably going on a wall somewhere in the house.

Looking for the pirate ship.

I found the pirate ship!

A walk on the beach.