Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh Chicago!

Jori and I made a FUN trip to Chicago!  The plan was to:
A - Visit one of my best friends (that I met on the internet 12 years ago when it was still scary) and meet her new son . . .
B - Have a fabulous girls weekend in Chicago with my mom, sister, and Jori.  This was a surprise for my mom for her birthday!

I took a few family pictures of my friend and her family . . . aren't they all Gorgeous?  Seriously . . . this girl and I have been through so much together on our journeys to our families . . . God answered our prayers through different ways but we both had the same result and in the case of  both of our kiddos . . . they were all born in the same years (2004 and 2010).

Playing UNO with some VERY patient little girls!!

and finally some pics with her little boyfriend (he better keep an eye on her)  :-)

The second part of the trip was a weekend in Chicago with my Beautiful Sister and mom. . . unfortunately my mom became very sick and was unable to come which broke our hearts!  My sister decided to pull her daughter out of school and take her.  Soooo Jori and I were able to have a fun weekend with Aunt Amy and cousin Naomi.  We missed our mom terribly but she got lots of pictures through out the weekend which we hope lifted her spirits . . .

Here are some pictures of the time with my sister and her daughter.

We went to the Shedd Aquarium and had a blast!
 Jori being goofy!
 A pic of all of us!
 Jori likes to ride backwards in the stroller!  Little goofball!
 Naomi and Jori had a blast goofing off banging on the couch. . . me and Amy were laughing so hard we had tears coming down our faces!

 Sweet cousin time . . .
 Mental note . . . NEVER wear that scarf like that over my head again!

 Trying to get a group shot in the mirror in the hotel room!