Monday, July 26, 2010

Jori - 4 Months!

I truly cannot believe that Jori is 4 months old!  Some fast facts about our little princess!

- She is 11 lbs, 3 oz and the 22% . . . such a tiny little thing.  She still fits into some newborn clothes!
- She is 22.5 inches tall and in the 16%
- Her head Circ. is 15.9 and she is in the 59%

- She is giggling, reaching for things and is just so so cute!
- She still does not like to sleep through the night as she likes her bottle at 3am however she does go right back to sleep!  She is definitely our little princess!
- She loves her feet and plays with them often!
- She has found her voice and she likes the way it sounds . . .
- She likes to blow bubbles :-)
- She LOVES to look at herself in the mirror!  Can't blame her there!

Colorado 2010

We were so blessed to be able to take Jori to Colorado this year!!  Jadon was so excited to show his little sissy the mountains!

4-Wheeling in the mountains!
Jori rode behind in the big truck with Grammie and Big Daddy. . .

Nothing like playing in a basin of mountains!  Of course Jadon made friends as soon as we got there.  He had to play with someone!

I would love to know what they were talking about!

Daddy and Jori . . . I love this!


Waking up . . . ready for another day!

Had to get a picture with Jori on the 4-wheeler before taking off for the day with out her!

If you look real close you will see Jadon and Stephen on a 4-wheeler . . . beautiful ride!

Engineer pass . . .

Show drift . . .

and of course snow angels!

Animas Forks Ghost Town!

Eating lunch in a ghost town house . . .we do this every year!

Looking out the window . . .

Jadon going downstairs in a ghost town house.

Sweet Boy!

Crazy Boy!

RAIN!!!  At least we found this to protect us a little while we had a snack!

Cool bulldozer!

and old car!

more exploring!

I'm throwing rocks ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!!

Jadon searched for the biggest rock to throw . . .

A day in Creede . . . the best little restaurant!

Grammie and Big daddy with Jori . . .

Jadon teaching other little boys how to play . . .

Jori just chilling out . . .

Lake City, Colorado

Whitmore Falls.  We get our picture here every year . . . so awesome to have Jori this year!

My sweet baby girl!

My 2 guys . . .

Whitmore Falls and throwing rocks . . . very important . . .

Jadon adores his little sister!

Daddy's girl!

I love this face!

Colorado 2010