Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jori's Finalization!!! - JORI DAY

GREATEST DAY EVER . . . our family is complete!  On this day . . . Wednesday, October 6, 2010 . . . we finalized the adoption of our sweet little girl Jori.  We feel so incredibly blessed and overwhelmed at all of the love and support over the last 7 years when we originally began our journey to a family.  There is so much emotion inside of me . . . it is hard to put in words . . . 

Here are some pictures from this wonderful day!

Meeting with the lawyer before the hearing.  Jori was loving it!
Grandma and Grandpa Meyer came from Michigan to be here on this big day!
I love the family God chose for me!
Stephen and his kiddos!
I had to put this one in . . . Jori caught in the act of spitting up all over me . . . LOL
I am soooo incredibly blessed!
Court hearing . . .
Picture with the judge
Grandparents and us . . . and yes . . . Jori IS sticking her tongue out . . .silly girl!
Jadon visiting the Sheriff for a sticker.
The Holland side of the family
The Meyer side of the family
Cool Dude!
Grandma and Grandpa Meyer from Michigan!
Grammy and Big Daddy!
Cool Uncles!!
My precious girl!
LOVE her!
and my dear friend Melissa . . . with out her and her sweet family showing us what it means to be an adoptive family . . . I don't know that we would have built our family through adoption!