Friday, November 26, 2010

Jori - 8 Months

OK . . . so I am VERY behind in posting pictures!!!  We have had such a blessed year and Jori has filled our lives so much that I just don't seem the time to post much!  I like that problem a lot!!! :-)  Here is a picture from the day she turned 8 months . . . 

At 8 months my princess is:
- sitting up all by herself
- wearing 3-6 month clothes
- weighs about 14.5 pounds
- sleeping from 8:30 - 7am
- loves baby mum mums
- still has no teeth
- loves to explore everything!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A time to be Thankful . . .

A few pics from the week of Thanksgiving . . . we are so blessed . . . .

Jadon's Thanksgiving Feast at his school . . . I love this and I remember doing it as a kid.

 Turkey Trot Day!
 Mommy and Jori were able to take part in the Turkey Trot as well!
After the Turkey Trot we went and visited daddy at the fire station.
 Jadon was able to try out the hose . . . there are some perks of having a daddy firefighter!

Thanksgiving princess . . .
 Silly little face . . . 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Family Pictures!

We went to the park today to take some family pictures!

Thanks to Stephen's mom . . . we got the family pics . . . when you are a photographer . . . you rarely get family pics with you in them . . . so thank goodness that I can call on her!  I took the pics of the kiddos . . . enjoy!

We started off in the front yard with Jori . . . I knew while she was happy, cooperative and smiling I had to get some pics while I could . . . here is the sweet princess!  Notice what she started to do TODAY!!!  She is sitting up . . . well at least for a few seconds at a time . . . enough to get some pictures!!  YAY Jori!!

Jori - 7 months

 Love these family pictures!

 It's all washed out . . . but I love it anyway!  The brightness is how I feel about my family!  Love them . . .
 My silly crazy boys!
 My most beautiful (or should I say handsome) 6 year old Jadon!

 The VERY last picture we took today!  I am glad we did . . . I like the playground!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Princess!

These pictures were taken by  Check them out!  They support some wonderful groups in the area.

My Little Pumpkins!!

October was filled with lots of fun and PUMPKINS!!  Here are some pics of our adventures . . .

Jadon searching for the perfect pumpkin . . .

 So proud when he found the "perfect pumpkin for his beautiful little sister" . . .

 I love this picture of Jadon and the pumpkin he picked for Jori!

 Laughing because Jori would not cooperate . . .
 Jadon and the "cheeto pumpkin"

 mmmm . . .
 My little Diva!

 Helping daddy with the pumpkin!  Lots of help here!

 The pumpkin guts!!
 Daddy's little Angel!
 Mommy's girl!

 The two greatest kids ever!
 My favorite picture of them!

DONE!  :-)

Sweet boy trying to help his little sister!