Sunday, November 7, 2010

Family Pictures!

We went to the park today to take some family pictures!

Thanks to Stephen's mom . . . we got the family pics . . . when you are a photographer . . . you rarely get family pics with you in them . . . so thank goodness that I can call on her!  I took the pics of the kiddos . . . enjoy!

We started off in the front yard with Jori . . . I knew while she was happy, cooperative and smiling I had to get some pics while I could . . . here is the sweet princess!  Notice what she started to do TODAY!!!  She is sitting up . . . well at least for a few seconds at a time . . . enough to get some pictures!!  YAY Jori!!

Jori - 7 months

 Love these family pictures!

 It's all washed out . . . but I love it anyway!  The brightness is how I feel about my family!  Love them . . .
 My silly crazy boys!
 My most beautiful (or should I say handsome) 6 year old Jadon!

 The VERY last picture we took today!  I am glad we did . . . I like the playground!

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