Friday, October 14, 2011

Colorado 2011

We were able to go to Colorado again this year with Grammie and Big Daddy!  Here are some of our adventures!!

Mommy getting ready to ride . . . check out that big bug that decided to fly into our picture!!
 Family pic . . . we are ready to ride!!

 Beautiful mountains and beautiful girl!
 Handsome boy!!

 Jadon visiting Animas Forks ghost town!

 Creede!!  Love this hamburger joint!

 The Hard Tack Mine tour . . . or "heart attack mine" as Jadon calls it.  :-)

 Practicing some mining!!
 More 4-wheeling . . . before they died . . . 

 Whitmore Falls

 Precious Jori!!!

 San Juan Soda Company with Grammie and Big Daddy!