Sunday, June 27, 2010


We were so excited for our trip to Michigan to see family!!  Jadon was so excited to take Jori on her 1st airplane trip! Jori did awesome and smiled at everyone on the plane.  Between the cuteness of Jori and Jadon . . . everyone on the plane was totally entertained!  Jori loved to smile at EVERYONE and Jadon of course was being his little funny self and keeping everyone laughing!

We HAD to visit our cousins AND second cousins!  Yes . . . there are 19 kiddos in this pic!  It was such a great day!
We stayed at the campground with Grandma and Grandpa . . . we were lucky to have a great little cabin!  Of course we had to play some mini golf while we were there!
There was a theme weekend while we were camping. . . Easter!!!  Grandma helped us make an Easter Egg . . .
and you have to love Jadon's 2 missing teeth there on the bottom (yes he pulled them out) . . .
and had a visit with the Easter Bunny!
What would camping be with out going "froggin"?

Jadon getting his turn at "whipped cream baseball" . . . yes that whiffle ball was filled with whipped cream . . . greatness!
Jori of course LOVED watching her brother make a mess of himself in that whipped cream!
We had LOTS of visitors as they all just had to meet the new little Holland . . . princess Jori . . .
I was so happy that one of my greatest friends from Chicago was able to come stay a night with us and meet our little angel!  Jori loved our Chicago friends!
Of course Jadon LOVED having slumber parties each night with cousins and friends.  Here he is with his little friend Jacob from Chicago . . . catching up on the newest comic book . . .
They had so much fun together . . . and LOVED dressing like twins for the day!  There is only 3 months difference in age with these to precious boys!
Hiking through the campground . . .
Jadon had so much fun swimming with his cousin Naomi . . .
Of course looking at each other under water was so much fun!
Jori and I had a great time watching the kids play . . . in the SHADE!!!  The little princess just LOVES to be outside.  :-)
Of course we had to take some pictures with some of the cousins!
Little miss Jori is just full of smiles and agreed that her first trip to Michigan was one that was great fun!  She even slept from 10:30pm - 7am one night while we were there!  Must have been that Michigan air!
Grandma and Grandpa were so sad to see us go . . . but it was so great to see them while we were in Michigan!

Monday, June 14, 2010

All Smiles!

Jori is smiling a lot now!!  I just can't get enough of her smiles!

Jadon and Jori asleep on the couch together.  They love each other so much!

What a life . . . lounging in the stroller with a fan.  Jori LOVES being outside . . . it is definitely her preference.  If she ever get's fussy . . . outdoors we go!  It works out great as being outside is very much our lifestyle!

Jori LOVES her baths!!  She pretty much soaks me every time!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Boy . . .

My Jadon . . .
 - You are 5 years 9 months old.
 - You love climbing trees, playing with star wars figures, and being the life of the party.
 - You are the funniest boy I know.
 - You love doing things by yourself from making oatmeal to bathing.
 - You are a born leader.  If you choose to do something . . . so do all the other kids.
 - You are such a sweet, loving, sensitive boy.
 - You take joy in everything you do.
 - I love to see the world through your eyes as you bring so much excitement to it.
 - You are the best big brother ever!
 - You melt your mommy's heart.

Jadon LOVED this face painting that he got the last day of preschool. provided this awesome TAZ!  How fun for a last day of school!!