Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Boy . . .

My Jadon . . .
 - You are 5 years 9 months old.
 - You love climbing trees, playing with star wars figures, and being the life of the party.
 - You are the funniest boy I know.
 - You love doing things by yourself from making oatmeal to bathing.
 - You are a born leader.  If you choose to do something . . . so do all the other kids.
 - You are such a sweet, loving, sensitive boy.
 - You take joy in everything you do.
 - I love to see the world through your eyes as you bring so much excitement to it.
 - You are the best big brother ever!
 - You melt your mommy's heart.

Jadon LOVED this face painting that he got the last day of preschool. provided this awesome TAZ!  How fun for a last day of school!!

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