Friday, November 5, 2010

My Little Pumpkins!!

October was filled with lots of fun and PUMPKINS!!  Here are some pics of our adventures . . .

Jadon searching for the perfect pumpkin . . .

 So proud when he found the "perfect pumpkin for his beautiful little sister" . . .

 I love this picture of Jadon and the pumpkin he picked for Jori!

 Laughing because Jori would not cooperate . . .
 Jadon and the "cheeto pumpkin"

 mmmm . . .
 My little Diva!

 Helping daddy with the pumpkin!  Lots of help here!

 The pumpkin guts!!
 Daddy's little Angel!
 Mommy's girl!

 The two greatest kids ever!
 My favorite picture of them!

DONE!  :-)

Sweet boy trying to help his little sister!

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  1. Maria! You have such a beautiful family!!!! *L*o*V*e* angel Jori with dad picture. Love all the pictures!