Monday, July 26, 2010

Colorado 2010

We were so blessed to be able to take Jori to Colorado this year!!  Jadon was so excited to show his little sissy the mountains!

4-Wheeling in the mountains!
Jori rode behind in the big truck with Grammie and Big Daddy. . .

Nothing like playing in a basin of mountains!  Of course Jadon made friends as soon as we got there.  He had to play with someone!

I would love to know what they were talking about!

Daddy and Jori . . . I love this!


Waking up . . . ready for another day!

Had to get a picture with Jori on the 4-wheeler before taking off for the day with out her!

If you look real close you will see Jadon and Stephen on a 4-wheeler . . . beautiful ride!

Engineer pass . . .

Show drift . . .

and of course snow angels!

Animas Forks Ghost Town!

Eating lunch in a ghost town house . . .we do this every year!

Looking out the window . . .

Jadon going downstairs in a ghost town house.

Sweet Boy!

Crazy Boy!

RAIN!!!  At least we found this to protect us a little while we had a snack!

Cool bulldozer!

and old car!

more exploring!

I'm throwing rocks ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!!

Jadon searched for the biggest rock to throw . . .

A day in Creede . . . the best little restaurant!

Grammie and Big daddy with Jori . . .

Jadon teaching other little boys how to play . . .

Jori just chilling out . . .

Lake City, Colorado

Whitmore Falls.  We get our picture here every year . . . so awesome to have Jori this year!

My sweet baby girl!

My 2 guys . . .

Whitmore Falls and throwing rocks . . . very important . . .

Jadon adores his little sister!

Daddy's girl!

I love this face!

Colorado 2010

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