Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beach Bums!

The beach was a blast. We had great weather and spent many days playing in the sand, going for walks, and enjoying the beautiful scene. Here are some pics!

Kiddie Pool area . . . . also a GREAT area to go snorkeling!

Family Pic in the clear waters off Shell Island.

Jadon showering off . . . he was hysterical in that water!

Seaweed head!

Loving the sand

Walking the boardwalk to the beach. You will see more of this later!

I think this was his Yoga pose on the beach . . . funny kiddo!

I guess he is practicing his beach look for when he is a teenager :-). Check out those guns!

Building castles on the beach.

The 2 loves of my life!


  1. You take great pictures! It looks like you all had fun.

  2. Love your pictures! Looks like you were able to really enjoy the outdoor life for a few days. Glad you had a great week away.


  3. great pictures. We miss seeing you.