Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mommy . . . when will it be our turn?

"Mommy . . . when will it be our turn?" The words of my precious son . . . who absolutely can not wait to be a big brother. It has been over a year since we started the process with agency #1. Now Jadon is really getting what "waiting" means. This is good for him . . . as difficult as it is . . . he is learning what God's timing means. He prays for his new brother or sister . . . he sets special toys aside for him/her . . . he talks about all the things he will be teaching him/her. He is such a loving little guy . . . I truly can't wait to see him in the big brother role!

Almost every time we go to a friends house that has a small baby he asks if we are going to take the baby home with us. We do our best to explain that these babies have a mommy and daddy already. One night we had friends over and the baby was a little fussy . . . he ran to his room and got his most prized possession . . . his green "B" (his blanket). He handed it to the baby and said "this should help you baby." Needless to say . . . Stephen and I were floored, mouths dropped, as we know just how special that "B" is to him.

We pray that this process does not take too much longer . . . it has been a long year. However . . . we also know God has that perfect child and birth family for us. Now we pray that Jadon understands the special work that God is doing right now.

Here is a pic of Jadon this week . . . come back soon to see what we were working on!

And finally . . . a great song for anyone who is waiting for something . . . .

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