Monday, May 24, 2010

Mr. Green Thumb?

Jadon and I took some time out to spend some time together by going to the nursery to pick out some plants to grow tomatoes and strawberries.  I  know myself well enough NOT to plant things in the ground because I do not have the time or patience to pull weeds.  We decided to try some Topsy Turvy planters to see how they would do.

Jadon had a blast at the nursery and I am so glad we had this quality time together!

Picking out the first plant!

Helping me decide which were the best Strawberry plants.  Jadon is VERY excited about the strawberries. . . . we really hope they work out!

Jadon LOVED dragging around the little trailer . . . it was a bit tricky though with the hills!

Jadon had to guard the plants while I paid . . .

2 weeks later . . . WE HAVE TOMATOES!!!  Still waiting on the strawberries!

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