Monday, November 23, 2009

Halloween . . . pumpkins . . . Jadon, and Allie!

Halloween was a blast this year . . . like always! We always have lots of fun carving the pumpkin in the same exact spot on the kitchen floor every year! Jadon even remembers now that it is just a tradition!

Here he is with his beloved pumpkin!

It is always the best to find the guts!

I ADORE this picture of Jadon looking at his Daddy! Pure Joy!

Playing with the guts of course!

Half way there!

Notice the little dog in the background? She sat there all night watching . . . waiting for just a little to fall for her to snatch up and eat . . . . little scavenger!

The pumpkin stare down . . . Allie is a little bummed . . . no snacks . . .

Jadon and his proud creation!

The final glowing product . . . and a little dog that wishes she could eat it . . .

Jadon really wanted to be a ghost . . . he chose this!

We went to firewheel to do some trick or treating with Jadon's little girl friend Paige!

The end of the night . . . they were so tired but had so much fun together!

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