Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So what is going on with the adoption?

Well, there is not a lot to report on that front. The main thing is that we are now with 2 different agencies. We started last March with the same agency we adopted Jadon from and we just currently started with another agency. Both will let us work with other agencies simultaneously which is great and BOTH are Christian agencies which is extremely important to us. We definitely need God right in the center of all of this.

The new agency did still need to do a home visit so since our first home study expired last Saturday so we decided for them to hold off and do their home visit until next Monday so we would just have a whole new home study that will be valid for the next 6 months. We remember all too well how fast little Jadon happened to come in our home (16 hours) so having a current home study is a nice relief!

Anyway, we have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! Jadon is right at the top of the list. One other thing we are extremely thankful for is that Jadon's agency was able to locate his birth father. We had found out about a month ago that none of our letters and pictures had been sent since he was about a year old because the birth family had moved around.

We have a semi-open adoption (birth family request) and we knew that the birth family loved getting the letters and pictures previously so we requested for the agency to see if they could locate them. We found out that they did in fact find the birth father and he was happy to get all of the letters and pictures forwarded to him so we quickly got together a new letter, new pictures, and Jadon drew a picture to forward on. They should have received that today . . . . we are just soooo happy that they contacted the agency for Jadon's sake.

Now we pray that Jadon's birth mother will do the same. The agency has yet to hear from her and we pray for her daily. I know it may seem weird to some that we are seeking out Jadon's birth family but when we entered into the adoption process we always wanted what was best for our child . . . and we think him knowing the truth and having answers to his questions is the best way to go.

Anyway . . . lots to be thankful for . . . Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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