Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Crazy Times . . .

Waiting . . . . last week Monday agency #2 came out to do the home visit that they needed to do in order to approve us. All week I had been joking around about agency #1 calling while agency #2 was at our house. Well . . . they didn't call while they were there but agency #1 did call about 1/2 hour after agency #2 left. LOL

So as funny as it kind of is (story of our lives) . . . agency #1 is showing our profile to a birth mother in Dallas that is due in early January. We have been waiting to hear back from agency #1 about the situation before going further with agency #2.

If we are not chosen we will immediately take the steps necessary to make our profile live with agency #2 since they e-mailed us today telling us that we were officially approved with them. Soooo at least we will have our profile shown just that much more! Anyway, hopefully we will know something this week . . .

We were able to get away to San Antonio last weekend with Jadon. We had such a blast going to Sea World, the riverwalk, eating out WAY to much, riding the trollies, and just enjoying time together. I will be uploading pics sometime soon.

We ask that you continue to pray for our future birth family and child. We couldn't get through all of this with out our great friends and families!

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