Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just call the Fireman!

Oh beautiful January day in Texas . . . mommy and Jadon were playing with a little wooden airplane outside . . . mommy wasn't careful and threw it into the tree . . . she then had the GREAT idea to use a broom to get it down (so we wouldn't have to bother daddy). Well . . . as you can see that was a BRILLIANT idea!!!!

Poor broom . . . . and poor little airplane!!

Jadon had the BEST idea (of course the neighbor twins were in on it as well) . . . "We need to call the fireman to help" . . . well LUCKY for us . . . we have one (a fireman that is) just inside the house!

So with a little help from a TALL ladder and a TALL daddy . . . the little wooden plane (and broom) were rescued! How lucky we are to have our own fireman to rescue the day!

The End!


  1. Such a cute story! I'm glad the plane and broom are ok!

  2. that is so funny! so much for figuring it out yourself:) love ya