Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beautiful Girls!

We had a FUN little play date with a friend we have been waiting to meet!  Meet miss Natalie . . . isn't she just yummy?    Natalie is 4 months old and was a very much longed for . . . and prayed for little girl . . . she too entered her loving family through adoption!  I am so glad that they live close so our girls will know each other as they grow!

We started the morning off eating breakfast at Chiloso . . . only a "few" cheerios and other snacks were left on the floor there :-)
After Chiloso . . . we went to the Library for a fun little play group!
Of course Jori was more interested in exploring on her own . . . that is what she is into these days!  :-)
Thanks Whitney and Natalie for playing with us today!!!

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