Tuesday, May 19, 2009

God hears our prayers!

This is the story of how the Lord Jesus Christ protected our son and heard our prayers before he was ours.

JANUARY 2004 – We had just started the adoption process. Our church at the end of every January has a “Celebration of Life” service. It is a service that talks about the importance of choosing life and the support of Dallas Pregnancy Center. Of course sitting through this service, as we so badly wanted a child, was pretty difficult as we could not even fathom the thought of abortion. It was on celebration of life Sunday 2004 that God gave me a specific prayer . . . it was to save a baby from abortion and place that child into a loving home. It didn’t have to be our home . . . just a home that the child would grow up and learn to love God. Our church at the time handed out little stickers of baby feet the size of a child at 6 – 8 weeks in utero to show that they were in fact little babies. The sticker shows tiny perfectly formed feet. I took that little sticker and stuck it to the inner cover of my bible as I sat in that service and prayed. That sticker remains in my bible today.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2004 – Jadon was born. We chose the name Jadon because it meant “God has heard” and “Thankful”. We were so thankful that God had heard our prayers.

JANUARY 2005 – I sit in the Celebration of Life service and look at the little sticker that is in my bible. It hits me that at the time I was saying that prayer in January of 2004, Jadon was about somewhere around 8 weeks in utero. Of course at this point I am in the service with tears in my eyes as this realization comes over me. I had not realized until this very day how my specific prayers from one year ago were answered. I don’t know why I did not remember that specific prayer until one year later . . . but God wanted me to. I guess he wanted to remind me how he works. God protected him throughout and gave his birth parents the strength to bring him into this world to become our son. I also believe that God heard my specific prayer and chose to give me what I had asked.  I look at him every day and wonder what life would be with out him. He is so full of joy and life. We are so grateful to Jadon’s birth family for bringing him into the world for us and we hope that they see the joy that he has given us and know how much we love them.  It is our prayer as well that they see Christ in Jadon and that someday they too will know our God.

JANUARY 2009 – 5 years later we are starting the adoption process again. Most likely it will take a lot longer than the 9 months that it took for us to adopt Jadon. That is OK . . . we know God has a perfect plan and we are so excited to see how it will work out. God has shown us very clearly with Jadon that he is in control and hears our prayers. We have no doubt that he sees our future and is protecting our future child and his or her birth family.

OTHER THOUGHTS - Why do I write this? Not for any other reason than to show how amazing God is. God does listen to our prayers. Even though our prayers are not always answered in the way we would like them to be, he always has a plan. When wishing to start our family, we never thought we would have to go the route of adoption . . . but we are so glad that we did. It now gives us a clear understanding of what it is like to be adopted by Christ. I can’t imagine living this life with out Jadon . . . he is our joy, our life and our most precious gift. It is amazing that our God thinks this way of us.


  1. That is an amazing story. Thanks for sharing and reminding me how God uses prayer.

  2. Your awesome. Praying....you may not see the results when WE want to but when God wants us to see him answering the prayer. Just take a look at our wonderful kids. we prayed for 8 1/2 years before we became parents. God is AMAZING.

  3. Oh Maria! Melissa shared with me that you had entered the blogging world. So exciting, I love this post, God is so Good!