Thursday, May 21, 2009

I live at preschool?

With all of this adoption stuff going on we have decided to get Jadon started in something just for him. KARATE! The boy LOVES it! The instructor is great and at the end of each class he makes each kid talk. They are to say something so that they can become more comfortable speaking in front of their peers. Jadon introduced himself and this is what he said . . . . "My name is Jadon Holland, I am 4 years old, and I live at preschool."

Seriously, I have this on video (which I am so glad) but the video is on my old very difficult to deal with camcorder so it is not easy to post. Anyway, Stephen and I were just rolling at this point. He lives at preschool? Really? Well, he does love preschool and I am so glad he enjoys it! Just thought I would share . . . . I guess I will go check on my sweet little boy as he sleeps at preschool!

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