Monday, March 22, 2010

Waiting for that "perfect" match!

We definitely go through our ups and downs on this journey . . . the last year has felt like an eternity at times.

I can't help but ponder the emotions that any family that is thinking about placing a child for adoption would be.  I know our feelings, anticipations, and desires . . . but I can't imagine what the other family is going though!

I pray for every birth family that is going through that very difficult task of sorting through profiles, looking at scrapbooks, dealing with their own grief and anticipation yet trying to pick the perfect family for their precious child.  I am so in awe of and so thankful for such families.  Watching families come together through adoption gets me every time.  I can't help but get emotional for anyone that gets that long awaited "match" for I so remember that day with Jadon.

Every night we wait until Jadon is asleep and we just stand by his bed and just look at him in awe.  Many of these nights, I can't help but get tears of just pure happiness that this child is in our home.  Even though he has been in our family for 5 1/2 years that emotion never fades.  We are so excited about the future and adding another bedroom to visit each night before we go to sleep.  We know God has a perfect plan and that perfect family for us . . . and we eagerly anticipate that day when we will meet them.

For now I will leave you with what I found one night when going in to just look at my boy while he slept.  We had just been to the monster truck show and he just thought the ear protectors were the coolest thing.  He just HAD to sleep with them.  I just love these times . . . .

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