Thursday, June 25, 2009

Adoption Update

Earlier this morning I received a call from our agency about showing our profile. They had a birthmother contact them yesterday and she was coming in today to look at profiles. She is due in one month with a baby girl. Of course we gave the go ahead to show our profile. They will be showing 3 family profiles. The meeting was to take place around 2pm today and now we wait.

I have found myself reflecting this whole day about what this woman was going through. I can’t imagine the steps it took for her to come to this decision. I pray that she is counseled and she finds peace in what ever decision she will make. One thing is for sure . . . there will be a very happy family very soon and for that I am grateful!

One thing I have learned is that everything is in God’s timing. Jadon was chosen specifically for us and we know that no matter how this situation goes . . . it is God’s plan. Hopefully I will have another update this evening but if you are reading this . . . I ask for your prayers for this birth mother.

Pray that she has peace, discernment, comfort, and clarity during this time. Pray that she feels our heavenly father’s arms around her as she goes through this decision. Pray that if she does not already know Christ as her savior that somehow this situation will change that.

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