Monday, September 7, 2009

Could this be it?

Here we are in Colorado . . . we got a call last week Wednesday while we were driving to Colorado that our profile was once again being looked at. Once again we ask for prayers for this precious birth mother as she chooses the perfect family for her precious child.

What we know:
- Baby girl due November 17
- Looking at 3 profiles
- Hopefully we will know something this week.

Either way, she needs prayers to prepare her for what she will go through for the next two months. For now we are patiently waiting to hear who she will choose. Right now we are enjoying 4-wheeling, camping, and staying away from bears in the mountains and planning Jadon's 5th birthday party at the campground on Thursday. Thanks for all of your love and prayers through this process. We will keep you posted!


  1. Praying ... enjoy your vacation.

  2. Maria... I LOVED all of the Florida Pics! They are awesome. We are praying for the adoption possibility. Tell Diana I miss her dearly and to enjoy your trip!!!