Monday, September 14, 2009

Jadon is 5!

I can't believe that Jadon is 5! He has been waiting for this birthday since he turned 4 years old. He has been asking for months . . . when am I 5? Here are some pics of our day filled with adventure and lots of sugar!

We gave him an "early" birthday present . . . when we asked him what he really wanted for his birthday his answer was "I only want light up shoes". Well the kiddo got what he asked for (plus he REALLY needed new shoes!) We thought it would be fun to give them to him at the start of the trip so he could enjoy the shoes in the dark at the campground. When he laid eyes on those shoes . . . he was soooo excited . . . as if you can't tell by the hug he is giving them below! All week long he jumped and danced showing everyone his new shoes.

Birthday morning m&m pancakes!

Jadon chose a trip to the park . . . fortunately there was a cool one near by!

He LOVES the fireman pole!

Then we were off to the ice cream shop (before lunch . . . he he). This was the same shop we took him to on his 3rd birthday as we spent that birthday in Colorado as well.

Jadon and his walking stick . . . he went EVERYWHERE with it. We had to talk him into leaving it outside by the doors of each shop we went into. He was so cute with that thing!

The one thing he wanted from the toy store in Ouray was a little race car. He then searched and searched for a long side walk that he could roll it down. Such a little boy . . .

And a ring pop . . .

And we let him pick out his own Coke . . . he loved pushing the buttons on the machine!
Dinner with our camping neighbors and GREAT kids that Jadon LOVED! Aidan and Connor played with Jadon all week, took him to the campground park, did big boy stuff like climbing rocks, hills, playing video games, and secret spy games. They were awesome to have parked next to us and Jadon adored them. BTW . . . did you notice that he is still carrying the same coke around from earlier in the day? He just carried it around and never even finished it. :-)
Jadon had to hug his cake :-)
He loves candles . . . . and blowing them out . . .
is it wrong that we put trick candles on his cake? He loved them . . . and he did finally get them out!
Pirate ship legos . . . we just finished putting them together tonight. It was really hard for him to wait to open them until we got home.

That pretty much sums up my little man's day. He asked me if he was going to be 5 for awhile to which I answered yes . . . . he was very excited and jumped up and down while saying "YES"! Gotta love the kiddo! More Colorado pics to come!

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