Monday, September 14, 2009

Unsure . . .

We only have a little more information . . . the birth family really wants the baby to go to adoptive parents that do not have any children yet. Even though it is hard to swallow . . . it is completely understandable! However . . . they are still looking at all profiles and may want to meet with several families before they make that decision. We do not know if we have been ruled out at this point. Hopefully we will know more toward the end of the week.

I remember being childless and how hard that was . . . the adoption process is very stressful and difficult to go through however this second time around I at least have a beautiful little face that smiles at me and little arms that hug me to help me get through. My heart hurts for all families that are childless when they only desire to have a baby to call their own.

For now I know our little Holland baby is out there (whether it is this one or not) and I will do my best to be patient until God reveals that to us. We only want the child that is meant to be ours . . . not someone else's little blessing. Thank God that he is in control of this situation and not me!

Please continue to keep this birth family in your prayers . . . it sounds as if they are really struggling to make the right decision for them and my heart aches for them. They need peace and clarity in this time. We will keep you posted as we find more out. Thanks for all of your prayers!

COMING SOON . . . . COLORADO PICS (I only have 1600 to go through) AND JADON'S 5TH BIRTHDAY PICS!

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