Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not meant for us....

We received word that the birth mother did in fact choose the family that had no children yet. While our hearts are heavy we are very happy for the family that was chosen. Right now that family that is crying tears of joy as they find out about the new daughter that will be joining them in January. I am so happy for them as I remember that time when we had no Jadon. I can't imagine life with out him and I am happy that another family will soon have a child to love the way we love him.

I am thankful that I can give all of this to God . . . and let him handle it. I am thankful for my loving supportive, husband and my amazing Jadon. I am thankful for the friends that lend an ear, give support, and just let me talk. Although they are far away, I am thankful for a family I can turn to, a sister (and one of the best mom's I know) whose advice I cherish, and numerous family all over the place that are praying for our future child. I am thankful for a God that is bigger than all of this and that I know I can trust.

That is all for now . . . off to spend time with my 2 favorite men! Thanks for your ongoing prayers . . . . I know they are being heard!


  1. Hang in there. It will happen. You and Stephen are wonderful parents and Jadon is one lucky little guy. love you. call me anytime...I'm always here for you.

  2. I know God has it all figured out. Some days that doesn't make the waiting any easier. Just know we love you and are praying for your little one and for you guys in the waiting process. Thanks for the compliment too sis. I love ya.